Polish- American Society of Greater Cincinnati

Meeting Minutes: October 5, 2012

Held at Panera Bread, Kenwood

Time: 6:30 PM



Present at Meeting: Bogusia Krawczyk, Malgorzata Klukowska, Paweł Krawczyk, Bozena Widanski, Urszula Lorent, Katarzyna Leara, Monika Sugimoto.


1. Reflections on picnic

2. Resignation of Jacek Biesiada PASGC Vice President from September 11, 2012

a. was passed of 2/3 of votes

b. we have to inform Jacek Biesiada about the vote

3. Short financial report by the treasure Pawel Krawczyk

a. presentation of the spending associated with picnic

i. $335 income from private donors, $900 food expenses.

b. detailed Financial Report will be presented at the end of the fiscal year in April 2013

c. present number of club members :134 adults, 59 kids.

4. PASGC Constitution.

a. we’ll have dedicated meeting to vote for amendments to the constitution on 10/19/2012

5. PAGSC 50th year Anniversary

a. discuss the flyer: graphics and text

b. summary of inviting people: Honor Council of RP in Ohio Mr. Mark Dollar , presidents of neighbor polish clubs, Mayor of Cincinnati, Mr. Mark Mallory

c. presenting movie about polish culture, presenting posters about Polish Language School, and PASGC events from 2011and 2012.

d. Thank you letters for previous, living leaders of PASGC

e . agenda of 50th anniversary : Knights of Columbus enter, reading history of 50 years club, dinner, dessert and singing “Sto Lat”, performance of group Cicho Sza from Columbus

f. ideas for gifts for guests: cups, gadgets, key chains, pens, etc.

6. Polish Language School

7. Christmas Party: December 8, 2012.

a. approval of the project for flyer, established entry fees for the party: $20 per adult/$15 for children/$30 for no members

b. agreed on the menu,  planning games, fun for adults, Children Nativity Scene.

8. Open discussion.

a. suggestion for the future  to change the procedure for voting for new Boards.  It is to vote   during Christmas Party. 

b. Proposal to promote and present the club’s activity during Easter Basket Blessing.





Recording Secretary: Katarzyna Leara