Polish –American Society of Greater Cincinnati

 Meeting Minutes – August 3rd, 2012,

Held at Panera Bread, Kenwood, Time:6:30


Present:  Malgorzata Klukowska, Paweł Krawczyk, Urszula Lorent, Monika Sugimato, Katarzyna Leara.

1.      PASGC Financial Report – Pawel Krawczyk –to review on our website                             

a.       PASGC paperwork status

b.      Money collected for the Choir from Plock at Concert at UC and private donations, 2012 .

2.      Reflections and updates on the Choir- Facebook Clip from The Choir - Malgorzata Klukowska

3.      Polish Picnic September 8th , 2012

a.       We picked time 3-7 pm on September 8th Saturday

b.      The Board Members voted to charge picnic fee for no-members, we  voted $5 per person

c.       Proposal that PASGC provides, Polish sausage, poppy seed cake, drinks, plates, cups, etc.

d.      Bożena plans to prepare program for Children for 1 hr, we will have someone doing balloons for the kids

e.       Need volunteers for: cooking the sausage, preparation and set up of the place and clean up, direct the traffic to the parking, we need 2 people for the entrance, manage and help when people come with the food, purchase drinks, prepare flyer about the Picnic

f.       PAGSC would like to make a silent auction for polish items. Need volunteers.

g.      All information about picnic will be available on our website, Facebook, flyers.

4.      Polish Language School  status:

a.       We voted to have a Fundraising Dinner for the school on August 25, 2012 at Art of Entertaining- unanimously 4 votes

b.      Idea about book/magazine fair for the school -tbd

5.      PASGC 50th Anniversary, October 20th , 2012

     a. We have to send invitations end of Septembers,

     b. Planned to have an exhibition about 50 years of Polish Club with pictures, articles, items and possible short movie, maybe have tape music or polish band present.

6.      Christmas Party planned on December 8th , 2012

7.      PASGC website                                                       

8.      Facebook –Monika Sugimato join us at the meeting

a.       PASGC wants to work closer with the Facebook team, posting our news and discuss in good manners our common interests,

b.      We need newer music on our WOBO radio, we need to provide Vox Juventutius CD from Poland

9.      Open discussion

a.        PAGSC wants to purchase sound equipment for different club’s events.

Recording Secretary: Katarzyna Leara