2012 Annual Newsletter and Activity Schedule

          Polish-American Society of Greater Cincinnati ( PASGC) 

                       Celebrating 50h anniversary in 2012


website : www.polish-american-cincinnati.org            


Our mission: Promote Polish heritage in the region.


 President                              Andrew Biernat

 Vice President                    Chris Mystkowski

Treasurer                              Don Szarmach

Recording Secretary           Krystyna Krawczyk

Corresponding Secretary  Jean Ann Obrebski


Board Members                                                                                             
 Ann Janusik, Peter Kasprzycki, Ted Day (Director of Polish Heritage Center)  


Web Master – Pawel Kobak


Events sponsored by PASGC in 2011:



1. Costume Ball for Children and Adults (Mardi Gras)         - March 5, 2011 


2. Swieconka                                                                               - April 23, 2011


3. John Paul II Beatification celebration                                - May 7, 2011


4.  Picnic                                                                                      - September 10, 2011


5. Ignacy Jan Paderewski exhibit in Madeira Library          - September 2011


6. Evening of Poetry and Music – “Cicho Sza”                     - October 29, 2011


7.  Christmas Party                                                                     - December 10, 2011





PASGC Supported Events


1.    Paczki Eating Contest in Lacota Highschool

2.    WOBO Polish Melodies Program



PASGC wants to thank everyone who led and who helped to prepare these events

PASGC wanted to thank all officers, members of the board and the web master for service to this organization in 2011.


Chris Mystkowski and Peter Kasprzycki and Ted Day decided not to seek re-election to the PASGC Board for 2012 calendar year.

We would like to thank all of them for great service to this organization for many years. Chris , Peter and Ted organized some of the most memorable events promoting Polish culture in Cincinnati. They dedicated their time; money and private resources to educate Cincinnatians about polish achievements in Arts, music and literature. They also brought us great joy by inviting Polish artists to Cincinnati and by organizing exhibits about famous Poles

Their contribution will be remembered for many, many years.

I can only hope that they will continue to support PASGC with ideas, advise and other contributions.


Our challenge going forward is to fill void that their departure created for our organization.






Events planned by PASGC in 2012:



1. Karol Szymanowski exhibit,  Music Hall                            February 3,4,  2012


2. Swieconka, location TBD                                                       April  7, 2012


3. Picnic , Swaim Park,                                                               September 8, 2012


4. Christmas Party, TBD                                                              TBD              




Other PASGC Supported Events


  1. Paczki Eating Contest in Lacota High school                          January 27, 2012
  2. Stalag Luft III Re-union, Dayton Air-Force Museum               April 20, 2012
  3. Dedication od Tadeusz Kosciuszko Park in Dublin, OH        May 12, 2012

      3.  WOBO 88.7 FM Polish Melodies Program,                                Sunday 10AM – 1 PM




Other events under consideration


        1. Polish Day in Findley Market                                               May, 2012

        2. Concert “Cicho Sza” Part II                                                   TBD

        3. World Choir Games, Cincinnati                                          July 4-14, 2012




 Board Meetings are planned for:


February, May, August, November.  Specific date and time is TBD.

All Board meetings are open to all paid members of PASGC



Election Information:


Election is planned for Sunday, March 24 1:30 PM to 4 PM, in Blue Ash Library,  4911 Cooper Rd, Cincinnati.




If you have any questions or comments, please send them to:


Andrew Biernat, President PASGC


ph: 859-344-8188


Don Szarmach, Treasurer

Ph: 859-441-8695


Krystyna Krawczyk, Recording Secretary


ph: 513-351-6317


Jean Ann Obrebski

Corresponding Secretary







Annual membership Dues, by March 10

Send to Don Szarmach, Treasurer

19 Highland Meadows Ste 11

Highland Heights , KY 41076


Make check payable to PASGC

Membership Options

Individual $ 15       Family $ 25    Students $10      Business membership $ 100

Lifetime membership $ 250


Scholarship found $10

Your contributions are tax deductible - we are a non-profit Ohio Corporation



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