The Polka Dance


If you, or any of your friends attend any of these events,
I believe you will be pleasantly surprised at the turnout.
People gather not only from close proximities, but from other states.
What you will also find is the people attending are fun-loving
and very congenial with a wonderful mixture of nationalities
(i.e. Czech, Yugoslavian, Ukrainian, German, Slovenian, etc.) besides Polish.
I don't know what type of bands you find in Poland,
but I can assure you that the Polish bands that play at these festivals and dances are wonderful as they blend both the old (which we remember from childhood) and the now.
Try It some time, you may like it.
You will want.

Calendar of Events at the American Czechoslovakian Club Dayton, OH

Go To Polkas on the Web *Admission to most events is $13.00 per person unless otherwise posted.
You may also check THE POLISH AMERICAN CLUB in Columbus, OH Go To Polkas on the Web